Black Business Stories for Feb 1st to 7th 2021

Top Stories Why Are There So Few Black Economists at the Fed? (New York Times) ‘Better Business Bureau meets Consumer Reports’: Black Dollar Index ranks companies by support of Black America (USA Today). Two Biden Priorities, Climate and Inequality, Meet on Black-Owned Farms (New York Times). Black run farms account for 2% of the nation’s … Read more

Stories For Jan. 25th to 31st 2021

Stories Jan 25th to 31st 2021 Top Stories The mirage of the Black middle class (Vox) Inside the Marijuana Growing Facility of a Historically Black University (WGNO). Southern University is the first HBCU to launch a line of THC products as part of its agriculture program. Did Clubhouse achieve their $1BN valuation by exploiting or … Read more

Stories Jan 18th to 24th 2021

Top Stories Biden claims his $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan will cut child poverty in half — here’s how (CNBC). This plan is expected to have the greatest impact on Black and Hispanic families. Jay-Z raises $10 million for a fund designed to invest in minority-owned cannabis businesses following the industry’s largest-ever SPAC (Business Insider) … Read more

Stories for Jan 11th to 17th

Top Stories Good News For Minority-Owned Businesses: Community Banks Get First Crack At The New Round Of PPP Loans (Forbes) New PPP Regulations to Prioritize Minority-Owned Business Applauded By Black Business Owners (Food & Beverage) — A third round of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) opened on Jan. 11, prioritizing minority-owned businesses and community lenders. … Read more