Top stories July 15th to July 22nd

Most Black adults in the U.S. are optimistic about their financial future (Pew Research)

How Some MBEs Led Baltimore to Suspend a Prime Contractor (Engineering News)

The new International African American Museum opens at a prominent site of the slave trade (WBUR)

Historically Black Colleges and Universities Have Affirmative Action Solutions. But They Need Help (Scientific American) – After the affirmative action ruling, the US should give more support to HBCUs to develop STEM education.

International African American Museum in Charleston, S.C., pays new respect to the enslaved Africans who landed on its docks (Pittsburgh Courier)

EU says slavery inflicted ‘untold suffering’, hints at reparations (Reuters)

‘I want to create our own Black Wall Street’: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs says his new Empower platform is ‘our own infrastructure and ecosystem’ (Fortune)

Majority Black owned Illinois cannabis company is opening more joints (Northern Public Radio)

Passed Over for a Black Man? The Labor Market Disagrees (Bloomberg)

Black executives urge CEOs to keep investing in diversity programs despite the Supreme Court ruling (The Hill) – Executive Leadership Council, a group of 800 Black Executives asked CEOs to commit to diversity, equity and inclusion.


Meet a new generation of Black American ‘cowboys’ (National Geographic) – Great photos of Black men and women horsemen.

How Pennsylvania’s Governor Turned A Collapsed Bridge Into A Political Win (Five-Thirty-Eight) – It’s kind of sad when fixing a highway makes you a presidential contender.

The calculus of Detroit’s bankruptcy, 10 years later, shows a city on the rise (Kresge Foundation) – Kresge promised $100 million during Detroit’s bankruptcy crisis.

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