The Great Migration

Great Migration – Key Books, Articles, Websites, and Resources To save you time, here are the two best sources on the US Black Great Migration: a general article and a website from the Civil Rights and Labor History Consortium. Read these first instead of this article. Then come back for the details and discussion.   … Read more

BEBN Investment Advice (Part 1) — Are you ready to Invest?

We are asked, from time to time, to give investment advice. We want to share a couple of principles we have learned over time. Investing and personal finance are huge topics in the Black Community. It is important that we understand the basic principles. But first we have to cover the pre-investing basics. Are you … Read more

Top Stories for August Week 2

Earn Your Leisure is hosting an Investment Festival (Investfest) – The number one black personal finance podcast on is hosting an investment conference in Atlanta on August 25 to 27th. The conference features Robert F. Smith (the richest Black billionaire in the US), Sean Combs, and Steve Harvey. The line-up is amazing, a who’s … Read more

Black Unemployment Report — July 2023

Black unemployment report – July 2023 The unemployment rate for Blacks was unchanged at 5.8% while Labor Force Participation rate remained near recent highs (62.7%) The Black unemployment rate was reported at 5.8% and the “Real” Black employment was 9.0% (see below). The National unemployment rate stood at 3.5%, and non-Farm Payrolls rose by 187,000. … Read more