About BEBN

Curated Content on Black Economics and Business or Everyday Black Economics. Or both 

 It’s time for a deeper understanding of Black economic success and happiness. We need a a different conversation about the black economic experience. One that is based on basic economic principles yet tailored to what Black folks living in the US and Global economy. One that is factual and thoughtful. 

What is Black Economics?

Black Economics is a field of study and discussion in social science blending elements of economics, social science, Black history, Black culture and politics. The goal of Black economics is to provide the intellectual framework, the ideas and facts, to support the prospering, flourishing and full achievement of the potential of Black people while maximizing Black happiness.

Up until now, the market for Black Economics and Business ideas has been ignored. There are too many websites covering the latest financial crisis, personal finance, rich and successful people or entertainers. The White media covers topics for the majority and gives little time to larger economic trends affecting Black people. The average person does not have time to follow the most important news stories in Black Business and Economics. 

What we are not. We are not a website that is dominated by get-rich-quick schemes, personal finance videos and self help podcasts.  They have their place. But, if you want to understand what all these sites have in common and what drives them. We are here. We can explain why. We dive deep into the underlying causes and drivers of Black Economics, success and happiness. 

Key Questions We Want To Answer

What is the path to success and happiness? Why do others do so well, and we struggle day-to-day? What economic forces control my existence and success? Help me to understand more. 

We answer those questions and more.  We offer research, opinions, and articles to help you better understand Black economics. Black people built this country, but we have not profited.  We need to realize the power and pain of capitalism. We are missing the basic economic principles and business knowledge use our own economic power.

This website and newsletter are an attempt to explain the economic forces that determine the position of Black people in the U.S. and the world. We want to discuss how we can improve our position. From reparations to unemployment; jobs to prosperity; happiness, generational wealth, and discrimination. 

We cover the most important topics in Black Economics and Business. We cover it all.

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