BEBN People

Chris Lee

Mr. Lee is the proud but insecure product of the Black middle class of the 1960’s. He attended high school in the Philadelphia area.  And he had an early interest in computers. Both his parents earned degrees from Virginia State University.

He studied computer science at Morehouse College during the 1980’s when the field was just starting. His first Fortran class used punch cards. He learned the fundamentals of CS: Pascal, algorithms and data structures, and numerical analysis. All skills for a different age.  He later worked for the Navy as a computer scientist (top-secret clearance) and then left to get an MBA from Fordham in NYC.  In B-school, he studied financial innovation (early instruments like mortgage backed securities and 529 plans), the strategic management of technology and Japanese management techniques. Again skills for a different age.

He later worked for a large pharmaceutical company for 20 years in applications development and SAP implementations. He helped implement SAP in several countries around the world.

After the layoff in 2009, Mr. Lee volunteered at the community food bank in NJ, taught at Northern State Prison (computer skills and re-entry), and was a full-time substitute in business, computer science and environmental science in New Jersey. He later returned to SAP consulting and maintaining this website.

Mr. Lee has a long interest in Black economics, economic development, and economics in general. He has been analyzing trends in Black economics for 20 years.

Mr. Lee’s primary skills are economic analysis, interpretation, explaination, and research. He also has a good grasp of history and philosophy. He is good at explaining complex topics in an engaging manner. He can connect the dots most of the time.