Black / White Wealth Gap Shrinks, but Incomes are Down for Blacks (Long Version with Lots of Details)

We have all heard about the Black / White wealth gap. White wealth is about six times that of Black people.  We know where the wealth gap comes from,  a long legacy of injustice. But what is the wealth gap exactly and how is it measured? Well, today, it’s time to look. The Black / … Read more

The Great Migration

Great Migration – Key Books, Articles, Websites, and Resources To save you time, here are the two best sources on the US Black Great Migration: a general article and a website from the Civil Rights and Labor History Consortium. Read these first instead of this article. Then come back for the details and discussion.   … Read more

US National Black Income Estimated at $1.2 to $1.4 Trillion Dollars in 2018

Black people are a significant part of the US Economy. We are essential workers in many employment categories such as nurses, bus-drivers, government workers, teachers and warehouse workers. We are also highly visible as sports figures and entertainers. Blacks work in a wide verity of jobs and geographies. Together, we earn an estimated $1.3 Trillion … Read more