Navy Federal Credit Union Discriminates against Black mortgage applicants

The nation’s largest credit union rejected more than half its Black conventional mortgage applicants (CNN). CNN broke a great story about discriminatory mortgage lending practices against Blacks by the Navy Federal Credit Union(NCFU). Many major US banks have long been accused of mortgage discrimination but Navy Federal made headlines with the high denial rate of … Read more

Are Unions Good?

Unions are good, they balance worker interests against corporate interests which benefits society. On Labor Day and with the UAW strike in the news, there are lots of questions about Unions.  This Labor Day is a chance to step back and look at the benefits Unions provide to society. Let’s look at some of the … Read more

The Great Migration

Great Migration – Key Books, Articles, Websites, and Resources To save you time, here are the two best sources on the US Black Great Migration: a general article and a website from the Civil Rights and Labor History Consortium. Read these first instead of this article. Then come back for the details and discussion.   … Read more