Great Data Sources on the Internet

The US census has the best economic data on just about everything !!! The most disappointing data gap is industry data on race.  But then it’s an omission on purpose. 

Bureau Of Labor Statistics — The BLS has all of the key economic measures that affect working people. They have the unemployment rate, consumer price index and salary and wage data.

They also have the Occupational Outlook Handbook that will tell you where the jobs are going to be for the next 10 years.

Department of LaborUnemployment Insurance Claims

Caution: This website moves around a lot because the president never likes unemployment data regardless of how good it is.

US Federal Reserve

Want to know how much money people have or make and what they do with it, then the Survey of Consumer Finances is for you.

St. Louis Federal Reserve Data — FRED has hundreds of thousands of data and statistics on the US economy.

The Atlanta Fed seems to specialize in unemployment. They have a lot of great tools to track unemployment such as the Unemployment Claims Monitor and the Job Calculator. The Job calculator will determine how many jobs must be created to each month to reach a targeted unemployment rate.

Profit Margins by Industry in US — some industries are incredibly profitable while other just squeak by making little money. If you want to know which industies make the big buck check this list: Profit Margins by Industry From Aswath Damodaran NYU Professor