Harriet Tubman Honored with $20 Dollar Bill

Harriet Tubman: liberator, spy and suffragette who escaped slavery and led more than 70 people to freedom, will be honored with a place on the the US twenty dollar bill. Many have taken to calling the new bill “Tubmans” as in I want to be paid in Tubmans.

December Black Unemployment Report

Unemployment Rate for Black Women Increases to 6.2% The National Black unemployment rate was 7.1%; the National unemployment rate stood at 3.9%; and non-Farm Payrolls rose by 199,000. Average wages rose 4.5% on an annual basis in December. The Black Unemployment Rate The Black unemployment rate jumped from 6.5% to 7.1% during December, the only … Read more

Black Economic and Business Stories for June 21st to July 18th 2021

  June 21st to July 18th 2021 Top Stories The pandemic saw a boom in new Black-owned businesses — the largest surge in the last quarter-century (Los Angeles Times) Pandemic Sees Largest Surge In Black-Owned Business In the Last 25 Years (Atlanta Black Star) Black Workers Stopped Making Progress on Pay. Is It Racism? (NY … Read more

Stories for June 7th to 20th, 2021

Top Stories Job creation is the key to reducing violence and providing critical social services (Philadelphia Tribune) “The economic state of Black America: What is and what could be” (McKinsey). Lots of great points in this study. Black people work disproportionally in low-wage occupations. Also closing the pay gap in 20 specific professions would drastically … Read more

Stories for April 26th to May 9th 2021

Top Stories Black Women Are More Likely to Start a Business than White Men (Harvard Business Review). A lot of statistics regarding type of business, funding, and education. Telecommuting allows Black women in Maryland to build wealth (Baltimore Sun). The pandemic has opened labor markets which allows Black women to secure better-paying jobs. Most expensive … Read more

Stories for May 24th to June 7th 2021

Top Stories When Tulsa’s Black Wall Street Went Up in Flames, So Did Potential Inheritance (Wall Street Journal) Racial discrimination has cost American economy trillions. Tulsa, massacres just a start. (USA Today) Wanted: Creative careers for Black and Brown New Yorkers (NY Daily News) Tech companies made big pledges to fight racism last year — … Read more

Stories for April 12th to 25th 2021

We are absolutely overloaded with great stories this week: PPP, Black fintech, Janelle Jones, Retiring while Black and Black women in Financial Technology. Top Stories Surviving the Pandemic: Black-Owned Businesses and the Paycheck Protection Program (BGA) – Hey, this is some really good real life reporting on four Black businesses in Chicago. They discuss the … Read more

Stories for March 29th to April 11th 2021

Just a heads up. We have consolidated two weeks of stories into one post.  We still read everything !!! Top Stories Connecticut’s Uneven Recovery: Poor people are still suffering from economic downturn brought by COVID (CT Mirror) – Great, long article about all the issue related to covid-19 recovery in Connecticut. Good details. A Call … Read more