Top stories July 15th to July 22nd

Most Black adults in the U.S. are optimistic about their financial future (Pew Research) How Some MBEs Led Baltimore to Suspend a Prime Contractor (Engineering News) The new International African American Museum opens at a prominent site of the slave trade (WBUR) Historically Black Colleges and Universities Have Affirmative Action Solutions. But They Need Help … Read more

Supreme Court Rules Against Affirmative Action

The supreme court struck down the use of race in affirmative action in college admissions at Harvard and the University of North Carolina in a 6-3 vote. It ruled that the use of race by the two universities to promote diversity violated of the equal protection clause, “not permitting any distinctions of law based on … Read more

Harriet Tubman Honored with $20 Dollar Bill

Harriet Tubman: liberator, spy and suffragette who escaped slavery and led more than 70 people to freedom, will be honored with a place on the the US twenty dollar bill. Many have taken to calling the new bill “Tubmans” as in I want to be paid in Tubmans.

December Black Unemployment Report

Unemployment Rate for Black Women Increases to 6.2% The National Black unemployment rate was 7.1%; the National unemployment rate stood at 3.9%; and non-Farm Payrolls rose by 199,000. Average wages rose 4.5% on an annual basis in December. The Black Unemployment Rate The Black unemployment rate jumped from 6.5% to 7.1% during December, the only … Read more

Black Economic and Business Stories for June 21st to July 18th 2021

  June 21st to July 18th 2021 Top Stories The pandemic saw a boom in new Black-owned businesses — the largest surge in the last quarter-century (Los Angeles Times) Pandemic Sees Largest Surge In Black-Owned Business In the Last 25 Years (Atlanta Black Star) Black Workers Stopped Making Progress on Pay. Is It Racism? (NY … Read more

Stories for June 7th to 20th, 2021

Top Stories Job creation is the key to reducing violence and providing critical social services (Philadelphia Tribune) “The economic state of Black America: What is and what could be” (McKinsey). Lots of great points in this study. Black people work disproportionally in low-wage occupations. Also closing the pay gap in 20 specific professions would drastically … Read more