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The single best article on reparations is The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates in June 2014. It is a seminal article that jump-started the modern reparation movement. It focuses on wealth disparities and redlining. Many agree that wealth not income or opportunity is the best measure of cumulative racism and discrimination.

The best book is of course “From Here to Equality” by Darity and Mullen. The book is known for the $14 Trillion dollar reparations figure. And also for considering that only direct proven descendants of slaves are eligible for reparations. There is an interesting chapter on alternatives to civil war. The North proposed paying for slaves’ freedom which the South did not accept.

The single best research effort to date is the California Reparations Taskforce which has done groundbreaking work. We are humbled and awed by the research effort. Truly amazing. 1080 pages !!!

Other Sources

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